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WCRC Bookshelf

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Wellness Center Related Links:


"An 'Ideal' Wellness Center" (James Hurley, Stanislaus County)


Excerpts from the Stanislaus Wellness Center Blog Articles on Wellness Centers


Wellness Parameters, LAC-DMH Office of the Medical Director


Mental Health Consumer Providers: A Guide for Clinical Staff (RAND)


Client-Run Center Related Links:


Articles on Client Run Centers


Notes on the Implementation of Mental Health Consumer Provider Services


Best Practice Guidelines for Consumer-Delivered Services


Websites on Consumer Driven Services


Directory of Consumer-Driven ServicesDirectory of Consumer-Driven Services


WCRC Related Dowloads:


Download the Wellness and Recovery Manual (3/06), Publication by CASRA and CIMH


Arcardia MHC's Wellness Path Goals on the ESGV Wellness Center Recovery Path Goals form


Get Community Outreach Services (COS) forms and information from the OMA Website


Get COS Power Point Presentation for Wellness Client Rrun Center.ppt.


Get the Fillable Community Outreach Service (COS) form


Recovery Related Resources and Information


Co Occurring Disorder Information  


Veteran Recovery


National Mental Health Consumer Self-help Clearinghouse 


Alternatives 2008 Conference Handouts


National Empowerment Center


Bazelon Center for Mental Health


Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery


Self Determination Tools from the National Research and Training Center (NRTC), including:


  • Express Yourself! Assessing Self-Determination in your Life
  • This is Your Life!  Creating Your Self-Directed Life Plan
  • Raising Issues With Your Service Provider
  • Seeking Supported Employment:  What You Need to Know
  • Research on Self-Directed Care Fact Sheet


Ottawa Personal Decision Guide


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Self Care website 


Housing Resources





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