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About the Centers

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Funded through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) and the Community Services and Supports (CSS) Plan, Wellness Centers and Client-Run Centers (WCRC) are two distinct treatment and support options for adult clients at higher stages of recovery who require less professional care and greater degrees of self-directed, peer support services geared toward community reintegration and an eventual exit from the formal mental health system.


A total of 39 Wellness Centers and 12 Client Run Centers exist, and each Service Area will have at least one Wellness or Client Run Center.

Contact your Service Area Representative's office to locate a WCRC in your area.


Wellness and Client Run Centers help recovery in a number of ways.  They are designed to:


  • Transition clients who no longer need intensive services or traditional outpatient services into the community.   

  • Focus on peer support services and groups, which research shows greatly assists in recovery.

  • Help clients access services in the community.

  • Focus on the client’s physical and mental health well being.

  • Provide services in the threshold languages recognized by Los Angeles County.


    Check out the Wellness and Client Run Centers Brochure.


     Return to the Home Page for Clients, Family and Friends.

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